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    • There is no entry process per se.

    • Film category candidates must have had at minimum a limited theatrical release of one week sometime between January 1 and December 31. 

    • Film category candidates cannot have previously premiered on television or a streaming service.

    • Foreign Language Film of the Year candidates may have had either a limited theatrical release, or were their country’s official Academy Award submission, in the given calendar year.

    • Documentary of the Year nominees are single feature-length theatrical releases or TV/streaming presentations. 

    • TV/streaming documentary series are considered in the TV Current Affairs Show of the Year category.

    • In addition to fictional programs, reality shows and documentaries may also be considered for LGBTQ TV Show of the Year and Unsung TV Show of the Year.

    • TV series must have aired at least 2/3 of their season’s episodes in the given year.

    • Streaming sites are considered TV. However, programs considered in the TV categories must have a consistent running time of at least 20 minutes. 
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